National Fitness day – 25th September 2019

On this special occasion I would like to underline the importance and some benefits of physical activity for all individuals.

Everyone should aim to do some appropriate level of body movements, physical activity and conditioning, follow general or specific fitness guidelines ensuring safe, optimal posture and effective results…while keeping fun.

People enjoying sport should aim to condition their body in order to prevent injuries, activate all muscle groups, work on their weaknesses, develop proprioception, balance, optimise performance and aim for long term benefits and results.

It is now very well documented in the scientific and medical world that people with health conditions are also benefiting from an appropriate, professionally structured and gradual physical activity level. People living with chronic conditions, also willing to reduce risks of additional pathologies or reduce symptoms, will gain in keeping overall proper posture, general metabolism activation, improve the cardiac and/or pulmonary efficiency, reinforce bone density or joints stability for example.

An appropriate diet is also essential to allow the human body to perform, the energy level to be controlled and it should not be a taboo for people to seek professional nutrition support based on their goals or problematics.

It is too common to hear that our busy/rushing way of life and pressured schedule does not allow time for physical activity or sports commitment. It is simply a decision to make and what I have noticed is that people actually do not know what to do, where to start or how to actually make a change with basic activity. A coach could help you guiding you safely through an appropriate program with the most suitable time effectiveness. Exercising and eating are things you can control positively.

Yes, it is possible to make changes, do some activity suiting your agenda and way of life. More companies are trying to encourage people to be active around or within working hours. Not easy to find all facilities, or the right configuration… You do not need much to go walking, register to a local class, train with your friends, partner, children. Why not start with increasing walking time weekly, doing bodyweight exercises while watching TV or listening radio, going for a run to enjoy the scenery or the outdoors, bike or swim ? Perhaps you could gather with a group of colleagues, friends or family members around working hours, lunch, week end, morning or evenings. Working out around lunch time or simply going for a walk is proven to be very pleasant, possible and effective. Medical practitioners could help (perhaps more) and recommend you the right fitness professionals too.

No excuses anymore. Ask a pro, a coach, a friend, your GP or specialist and get your energy back. I am certain that you could value more your life and wellbeing needs, aiming to Eat better, Get fit and Live stronger.

Here are some reasons why we should all take time to take care of ourselves.

A regular cardiovascular activity is helping by reducing stress, improving quality of breathing, transporting oxygen and producing energy overall, reaching homeostasis*.

More physical activity reduces the risk of developing all sorts of pathologies like Musculo-skeletal, Osteoporosis, Diabetes, Obesity, Asthma, Pulmonary diseases etc...It also develops a better tolerance to pain. Also people suffering from cancer are now more encouraged to include physical activity in their curative journey.

A better controlled physical activity will help increasing body awareness, improve sleeping patterns and quality, balance your diet, regulate mood or psychological status, keep up concentration levels and overall wellbeing.

Low back pain or unbalanced muscles can be prevented/limited/reduced with regular and corrective muscle strengthening. For example, a repetitive seating position in an office would lead to a lack of core strength and tightness on the upper back for example. Every type of work would challenge, fatigue or limit the capacity and the needs of our body so everyone could benefit of training more and better via a tailored program.

Working out is also a proven way to keep up muscle mass, improve neuro-muscular transmission, improve joint stability and bone density. It also can be a significant social time which counts to improve your overall wellbeing and life enjoyment.

The positive hormonal boost consecutive to physical activity and the feeling of accomplishment are important as well as the relaxation levels that could follow activity. The flexibility of our body is to be considered as well and a professional could help improve this too.

We can here also mention the savings related to the reduced health expenses for families, companies, and governments.

Our body is designed to move and structured to regulate itself. It is easy on the short term not to do much and so beneficial on the longer term to help the body moving at its most optimum capacity…Just to enjoy life better.

Take care and stay active.

I sincerely hope that will encourage you to spread the word and keep fun while being more active.

Jimmy @ Vivere Fortis – (U.K)

*homeostasis (noun)


  • the tendency towards a relatively stable equilibrium between interdependent elements, especially as maintained by physiological processes.