VIVERE FORTIS specialises in Sport Coaching, Nutrition & Wellbeing and supports Individuals, Groups, Athletes, Sport Clubs, Companies, Schools looking for a Personal Trainer or a specialist in Nutrition with a high level of expertise, commitment and results.

VIVERE FORTIS is meant to promote a healthy lifestyle, provide a full coaching experience for your nutrition, sport or physical activity goals.  A coach will help you going through appropriate changes, increase your knowledge and physical abilities, or enhance sport performance always with a safe, inspiring and scientific approach.

We will build relevant objectives together & facilitate your progress on both short and longer term.  We will discuss about your history, your goals, your diet, your lifestyle and physical activity level then agree on the most suitable action plan.

Together we can work in parks, at home, in sport clubs, offices, schools or remotely.

VIVERE FORTIS is mainly working in Surrey, London area, South East & South West regions, U.K, Northern & Western Europe.


Here is an overview of services offered at VIVERE FORTIS:

Personal Training for General Public & Athletes (Mobile).

Outdoor Fitness Boot Camps (various locations, all levels welcome).

Tailored Circuit Programs for Groups & Individuals.

Tennis Coaching - Registered Instructor for Junior & Adult Development.

Specialist in Core Muscles Training, Suspension Exercises, Kettlebell Exercises.

Lower Back Pain Management.

Pre & Post-Natal Exercising & Nutrition.

Nutrition Coaching for Sport & Performance Training.

Nutrition Consultations to Sustain a Healthy Lifestyle. 

Diet Check-up, Shopping Guidance & Support.

Cooking Methods Assessment, Recommendations & Recipes.

Weight Management, Fat Loss Programs & Obesity Prevention.

Stress / Health Management Coaching.

Company / Team Challenges Coaching.

Company-based Nutrition Consultations for all associates.

Clubs / Athletes - Performance Coaching.


VIVERE FORTIS - Eat better, Get fit & Live stronger

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